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CHIVALAI :Healing & relaxing touch of Thai spa

Chivalai means biosphere where the living things can live well . We bring this concept to combines with Thai spa environment ,and it comes out the most relaxing especially for dense populations area and tourist attractions. As the increasing pollution , the Chivalai aims to build not only the relaxation , but the wholelistic wellnss to support the better health which is hard to find in the city . Stress and tension from regular working condition are widely happened to the business men and lady ,and they become illness in the long term such as insomnia , sores and pains through the body . These bring about terrible syndrome in elderly age.

Chivalai is originated in Thailand where the spa industry has the fastest growth among the region . It brings Thai culture , Thai herbs , Thai massage skills , and thai ambient to assimilate in one particular Thai spa studio atmosphere . Comparing to food business, Chivalai would rather suits rush hour life; while , the other day spas are serving longer hour customers in the hotel . One may says Chivalai would be likely a fast spa ; nevertheless , the menus are designed for quick service to pamper guest and help saving the precious time. Just come in to take a snap ,then awaken with the most refreshing felling . It is the daily life of the people in the city . Now people can enjoy 7 branches of Chivalai mostly in the shopping malls .
Thai spa studio Franchise

Thai Spa Academy International(TSAI)

Thai spa academy International has been established in 2007 to cope up with the incoming demand for thai spa industry  . To expand the business overseas ,TSAI merged with Chivalai Thai spa studio Franchise Co., ltd. and they become the strongest team to build the world class brand of Chivalai in 2010 . Even the new brand , we gather 10 year-experiences in Thai spa industry to creat a new concept of Thai spa studio for shopping area ,  tourist places , hotels ,and the stand alone location.  

Main training program:
1. CNF (Chivalai New Franchisee) for new investors
2. TST (Thai Spa Therapist) for therapists
3. TSM (Thai Spa Management) for spa operators


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